Since 2012 - Kettle Moraine CrossFit - Female Owned - Family Friendly - Family Focused 

~Be Ready to Have Fun!!  Here are our HOUSE RULES~ 

Arrive On-Timeand Ready to Work. We do our best to ensure that each class starts on-time and is limited to one hour.  If you do arrive late (it happens to the best of us), check the whiteboard as soon as you arrive and jump right in. **Those of you with smaller bladders (and you know who you are!!) may also want to reserve some time for a bathroom trip.

Never Say “I Can’t”.  Those words are not allowed at Kettle Moraine CrossFit.  When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.  Push your limits.

Practice Hospitality. Introduce yourself to anyone you do not know, always, as they may need to revive your unconscious body later, and “Yo bruh, wake up!” is so impersonal.   We are a friendly, welcoming community so always make sure you give athletes you don't know a warm, friendly introduction. You were once the 'noob'.

Check your ego at the door. You don’t have rivals here, you have teammates.  You don’t have competitors, you have people who push you to do more, go faster, be better.   If you are done with your workout, run with someone on their last leg, gather around and cheer them on their last rep.  Slap hands and pat shoulders, telling people what a great job they did, and mean it.  If you are just hanging out, help out, never be too cool for school.

Respect the Box. Treat equipment with respect, but don't baby it.  Use the crap out of the equipment and return everything you use when you are finished. Be responsible and respectful and take pride in your box.  Don’t let others get away with things that are bad for them or bad for the box.  Remind people to take their clothes (but we do like the 'ol "leave behind") and pick up their water bottles. We haven't hired a maid....yet.  

***Control your Weight - Put things down gently. Drop as a last resort. Dropping a bar on a failed lift or when you feel you can no longer safely perform a movement is sometimes necessary. However, it should not become the standard method of returning the bar to the ground between reps.  Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience. Bumpers are designed for emergency dropping, not dropping every rep.  ALWAYS keep your weight under control and NEVER drop an empty barbell.  Our equipment is to be used, not abused. 

Don’t Chalk the Box.  You are not Lebron James.  When using chalk, chalk your hands inside the bucket, and don’t take it on a field trip around the gym.  However, writing your rounds in hash marks, cool.  Kids drawing on the floor, cool.  We like pretty pictures!

Learn how to count.  If you lose count, the next number is always "1".  If you know you have trouble keeping count, ask someone to count for you.

**Don’t cheat.  No one cares what your score was.  Everyone cares if you cheated.  Be honest with everyone else, and be honest with yourself.  If you don't you are only cheating yourself, and pissing everyone else off. Give it your all.  Give it 110%. That's the only thing that yields the best results.

Keep Sweat to Yourself.  Hard Work + 100% Effort = Sweaty Awesomeness!  Yes, we get sweaty and stinky, so help out by wiping up equipment if you slopper all over it!  Shorts-yes.  Shoes-yes.  Shirts optional.

Be Proud When you Leave.  You just worked your ass off.  Stand Tall & Walk Proud.  Most people won't do what you just did.  Even if you had a 'bad WOD', an 'off day', or weren't 100%, you are still better when you leave then when you walked in.  Congratulations!

~Holy FAQ! (Stuff you are thinkin' 'bout & have always wanted to ask!)~

Q:  CrossFit looks cool - but it looks like it's for elite athletes - I'm afraid.  Do I need to be in shape to get in shape?

A:  No Way!  CrossFit is great because every workout is scaled to YOUR fitness level, to improve your fitness level.  If you are an elite athlete, have an AARP card, are out of shape or even morbidly obese, you can do CrossFit - CrossFit is all about the scalability.  You will also find that CrossFit is a community that is encouraging, positive, supportive, and FUN!  In fact, you'll find that in CrossFit the loudest cheers are for the athlete that finishes last! 

Q:  This is all new to me - where do I even start?
A:  Easiest way is to sign up, get up off your computer and come in!  Woo Hoo!  We're social too, contact us by email or call 262-573-5399.  We'd love to meet you and discuss your fitness and health goals. 

Q:  Ok, CrossFit sounds pretty darn awesome and I want "IN"!!  What's going to happen next?
A:  First, let's go through some On-Ramp.   The 'On Ramp' Course is 3 instructional classes followed by your first 3 WODs.   These teach the fundamentals and techniques of CrossFit.  On-Ramp consists of learning, practicing, and perfecting technique.   You will finish sweaty - guaranteed!  Contact us to discuss scheduling and we'll work it in. Seriously, we're friendly!! We don't bite, hard! :-)

Q:  What will I learn in the On-Ramp Course?
A:  Short Answer - Movements common with CrossFit Training.  Wait, there's more! Learn all the fun CrossFit jargon like WOD, snatch, Fran, Murph, Filthy Fifty, push jerk, AMRAP, box, Pukie, GHD, and everyone's favorite, Burpee!

Q:  How much is the On-Ramp course?
A:  Right now, the six hours of On-Ramp is  $105.  You'll work with one of our awesome CrossFit trainers in a small group or one-on-one.  

Q:  I'm really fit and work out at "Globo-Gym" and want to join without taking On-Ramp. Can I?
A:  GREAT question.  Short answer - 'depends'.   We need to go over some things - give us a call!!

Q:  I'm really, really, fit and have done high intensity interval training! Do I need On-Ramp?
A:  We get it!  Contact us for a complimentary evaluation by one of our trainers.  High Intensity Interval Training is all the rage right now, but it is NOT CrossFit.  We want to be sure you know how to properly and safely execute the cool-crazy stuff we do, as well as Olympic Lifts and CrossFit Gymnastic movements.  ~ Come on in, we'll hug it out!! 

Q:  What the heck is a "WOD"?
A:  WOD is a "Workout of the Day and is "constantly varied" so it will be different every day.  Routine is the enemy!  Each WOD includes components of strength training, gymnastic movements, and metabolic conditioning in different combinations.  You will never be bored with CrossFit!

Q:  After On-Ramp, what do I do?!
A:  Keep it going!  Become a regular at Kettle Moraine CrossFit with your new friends!  There are different options to join our CrossFit WOD Classes.  Check for the fee or option that best suits your needs, either a recurring monthly membership option or purchase a Pack.  Check that out here!

Q:  I'm an experienced CrossFitter, and coming back to town for some good 'ol Wisconsin cheese, brats, and beer but don't want to miss my WOD's.  Can I "drop in"?
A:  Of course!  We welcome anyone from the CrossFit Community!  And you will need to WOD if you have too much cheese, beer, brats and Kringles during your visit!  Check our calendar for available WOD's!  Please sign up online so we can assure that there is enough room in the class. How much do they cost?  Buy a KMCF T-Shirt for $20 and the WOD is on us!  Even cooler - after your visit, we hang your state or country flag in our box.  See you soon!

Q:  Do you offer discounts for active Military, EMT's, Police & Law Enforcement, or Firefighters?
A:  You bet!  And you deserve it! If you fall into one of those categories, please contact us for your 10% discount code.  And Thank You for your service!  

Q:  Do you have showers?
A: In CrossFit, you don't smell bad after a WOD, you smell like strength and fitness!  You want to wash that off right away?  Be proud and wear it around town!  Then shower at your house.  No - we do not have showers.  We do have a toilet to use ~ but not for freshening up after a WOD!  We do have FREE hand-towels to use!! What!? What!? 

Q:  Can I come to Kettle Moraine CrossFit and work out on my own?
A:  What?  Seriously?  The best part of CrossFit is the community!  Race against the clock and be motivated by fellow CrossFitters!  We are not your typical gym.  During Kettle Moraine CrossFit classes you work out under certified CrossFit trainer supervision.  It's a heck of a lot more fun, plus it yields safer and faster results than having people simply use the box by themselves.  We do offer individual personal training sessions, but CrossFitters are a social bunch!  We also have Olympic Lifting classes and CrossFit Power Yoga.  In these classes, we "turn off the clock" and work on skill and strength training. 

Q: What am I waiting for?!?!
A:  3-2-1 GO! 

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