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418 Winfield Ct., Slinger, WI 

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To complement your CrossFit training, POWER YOGA CLASSES now available!! Check the calendar for class times! 

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We are thankful to our great CrossFit community, now offering more classes, trainers, programs, and services.

We are proud to be Washington County's
CrossFit destination.  
Who are we?  We are Kettle Moraine CrossFit.  Every day, you'll be greeted with a smile and 
treated with respect.  You will also be appreciated for your effort, hard work, and leave each day with results.

We're a fun & social group of diverse individuals. Our short term goals may be different
but we share a common goal; feel better, healthier, stronger, & live better.

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Ask about our discount for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and EMS

Join us out of the box!

Tough Mudder Wisconsin - Dates posted when available

Train from the inside as well!


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